Throwing with Intent Webinar

I wanted to give everyone who reads this site access to a webinar I created earlier this year since it has been a while between blog articles and I don’t want to lose you.

This webinar is from a online summit I was part of that Bill Massulo organized.  I’ve agreed to do another for this years summit and I will keep you posted.

This webinar,like a lot of my articles, is long but it covers a lot.  The theme of the summit was intent so I tried by best to define that term and how we should use sound scientific mechanics along with proper coaching cues.  The final part of the presentation is a bit of a summary of my series on customizing mechanics, training and cues to suit the individual athlete.

Graeme Lehman Webinar Link

Here are some approximate start times for different sections of the presentation:

  • What is Intent – 7:00
  • Research on Mechanics – 11:00
  • Mechanics summary – 28:00
  • How to teach with Better Cues – 31:00
  • Coaching Cue Checklist – 56:00
  • Customizing Mechanics – 57:00

I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it that you can use.  I am honored when anyone will take their time to listen or read something that I’ve created so thanks again for your patients and I will be pumping out some hopefully high quality content very soon.

Graeme Lehman Webinar Link

Graeme Lehman, MSc, CSCS




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