Pitcher’s Physical Profile Testing Sheet

This testing sheet will allow you to get a comprehensive and objective look at all of the important physical components the human body uses to throw a baseball. Going through this simple assessment can provide some great insight as to how YOU use YOUR body to throw. This ultimate goal is to give you a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can make better decisions with your time and energy when it comes to training.

This testing sheet spits out a user-friendly graph that indicates how well you scored in these four vital areas of speed, strength, mobility, and antropometrics (aka limb length).

This dashboard gives you a lot of information at a glance and can be easily understood by coaches, athletes, and parents alike. Each of these radar graphs can be looked at in great detail like we see below to see how you scored on each test individual test that make up the score for each of the 4 categories.

I’ve written an entire e-book that goes with the testing spreadsheet that goes into the how what and why behind this testing. If you want to check it out you can go download all 180 pages here.

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Here’s a quick video that goes over the testing sheet and how to use it. Check it out below

Here’s a copy of the workbook that accompanies the testing sheet. It covers some of the what and why but more importantly it goes into great detail about how each test needs to be assessed and measured.

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Please note that once your purchase this item you won’t be able to download it immediately. I will personally e-mail a copy of the testing sheet from my computer once I receive confirmation of payment. Your copy should show up in under 24 hours from the time of your purchase. If you have any questions please fire me an e-mail at graeme.lehman@gmail.com


Graeme Lehman, MSc, CSCS