This site started as a way for me to better understand the scientific papers that I was reading while completing my master’s degree.  The rationale was that if I could take what I was reading and make it into an article that others could understand, then I would have a much better understanding of what I was learning.  It was this thought process that I have continued, beyond the completion of my research thesis, to use this website as a means for me to learn more about this game and the science behind it.

I hope to share what I’ve learned with you so you can apply what you find to be useful in your own baseball journey.


Graeme Lehman, MSc, CSCS, BBA

Here’s My Baseball Resume In Case You’re Interested:



Pitching Performance Coach, Tread Athletics, Charlotte NC, (2019-2020)

  •   Perform in-depth initial assessment (mobility, ROM, strength, power….)
  •   Conduct initial mechanical assessment
  •   Design Specific throwing, lifting, and mobility programs based on the athlete’s specific needs

Remote Sports Scientist Consultant, MLB Organization (can’t disclose due to NDA) (2017-18)

  •   Helped develop initiatives to improve athletic development
  •   Projects aimed at individualizing training and throwing mechanics

Presenter, Pitch-a-Palooza, Nashville TN, (2014 & 2019)

  •   Known as one of the top pitching seminars in the world
  •   Presented alongside baseball industry experts such as Kyle Boddy, Eric Cressey, Dr. Greg Rose, Alan Jager
  •   Follow presenters included pitching coaches from the New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, Vanderbilt University, Auburn University

Athletic Performance Consultant, Remote, College of Central Florida (2015-17)

  •   Assess & Design Programs for individuals & teams for baseball performance
  •   Interpreted testing results to design training programs
  •   Reached #1 in the NJCAA
  •   Consulted with coaches weekly to ensure optimal athletic performance
  •   Nate Pearson was a member of this team and went from 94 to 102 mph

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Inside Performance, North Vancouver (2012 – 2014)

  •   Perform assessments including performance testing and physical assessments
  •   Conducted team training
  •   Pitching Mechanic Analysis with high-speed cameras
  •   Design and implement strength training programs aimed at improving baseball performance

Baseball Coach, Various Locations

  •   Head Coach – Vancouver Cannons (Junior) – Premier Baseball League (PBL), 2010
  •   Assistant Coach – North Shore Twins (Senior & Prep) – Premier Baseball League (PBL), 2011-13
  •   Assistant Coach – Okanagan Athletics (Senior)– Premier Baseball League (PBL), 2014
  •   Head Coach – Jamestown Blues (Junior) – American Legion – 2002-03

Baseball Strength & Conditioning Coach, UBC, Vancouver BC (2009-11)

  •   Designed Training Programs
  •   Conducted Weekly Team Training Sessions
  •   Volunteer Role


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) since 2006

Playing Experience

  • University of Jamestown – 1999-2003 – 4-year Varsity Pitcher
  • Senior Men’s Nationals – Team Newfoundland – 2004-08
  • Canada Games – Team Newfoundland – 2001
  • Midget AAA – Spruce Grove, Alberta – 1996-99

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